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Welcome new users!
« : 31.01.02 - klo:12:32:35 »

We have a new discussion forum for pet bird friends here in Finland. Here you can discuss pet birds and everything concerning them. This Forum is mainly in Finnish but we have this board in English.

We hope that also people from all over the world could join us and share opinions about different pet birds, breeding, caring, taming, training, diets & treats...

You can find this Forum in


Forum Admin / Mika

P.S. "papukaijat" is a Finnish word for "parrots".  ;D
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Re:Welcome new users!
« Vastaus #1 : 31.01.02 - klo:21:44:01 »
Hyvaa Paiva!

My name is Eb Cravens and I am an aviculturist and pet parrot owner in Hawaii, USA. I am greatly pleased to see that Finland has a discussion forum for captive birds. There must be some real challenges to avian species keeping up there, what with cold and darkness part of the year. I presently have Princess of Wales Parakeets, Amboina Kings, Fuscicollis Cape Parrots, Sun Conures, Cloncurry Parakeets, Derbyan Parakeets and a four-generation family tree of Yellow Crown Amazons. Some 95% of my pairs are captive-raised handfed or parent-raised birds, as I am not so interested in breeding with wild-trapped individuals. We have adopted several of the latter to teach our baby yellow crowns. All birds are housed in outdoor flights with planted trees and greenery. Some are mixed species colonies. Good luck with this forum and kiitos. EB Cravens

Re:Welcome new users!
« Vastaus #2 : 05.02.02 - klo:19:21:26 »
Hi Eb!

Nice to see this forum has attendants soo far away.

It would be nice to hear some time to time how's life going on at your "zoo"  ;D

Also, other foreign comments are being eagerly waited.


Re:Welcome new users!
« Vastaus #3 : 08.02.02 - klo:12:55:14 »
Hello All,

Greetings from the Olympic Peninsula, in WA State, USA. My name is Johanna, and I have white Ringneck doves and a male Redsided Eclectus . I am very interested to learn what birds are commonly kept as pets and in aviculture in Finland. I imagine that Finnish birds are fed a very healthy diet. Are your commercial bird foods free of synthetic colourings and additives?

I had a Finnish friend at uni, and gained an interest and respect for Finnish culture.

Hope you are all staying warm ;)


Re:Welcome new users!
« Vastaus #4 : 10.02.02 - klo:10:25:22 »
I live in France and I raise some exotic birds: lovebirds and exotic kids. I have a tame COCKATIEL.  
I also have a site internet where I speak of all cage birds.  
To soon

Florence RICHARD   (in french and english)

Re:Welcome new users!
« Vastaus #5 : 16.02.02 - klo:20:34:42 »

My name is Kathie and I live in Illinois, USA.  I currently have a green cheek conure and soon will be getting a Bronze Wing Pionus!  I think we can all learn a tremendous amount of parrot information from each other and look forward to some interesting topics.  I also really find it interesting to communicate with people in different countries!  

Kathie    :D

Re:Welcome new users!
« Vastaus #6 : 08.08.02 - klo:00:43:19 »
Aloha Kathy,

It is interesting that you are going to be living with a Bronze Winged Pionus as that is a rare species in the pet situation. Boy or girl? Do you know of Russell Shade and his work in breeding bronze wings and helping to study them in South America?  Where is your pet coming from?

All the best, EB :)

Re:Welcome new users!
« Vastaus #7 : 03.02.03 - klo:04:59:18 »
 :o Hi i will now introduce myself to the members of This is my first visit and glad to come across it.  I am in based Glasgow, Scotland, Uk  ;D My own hobbies are hand rearing African Greys, Fishing & working the Pc.

Re:Welcome new users!
« Vastaus #8 : 25.07.04 - klo:21:14:14 »
it is so nice that all of you have found .. I just would like to now how..  Well welcome anyway..

Re:Welcome new users!
« Vastaus #9 : 10.08.04 - klo:14:57:13 »
Greetings everyone!

So nice to see that folks around the globe have found us. ;D

Yep, even here in Finland there is such a thing than a parrot culture, so to speak! Now parrots can enjoy the hot weather outside, actually it's too hot right now.

I have a tame cockatiel, Mango, very probably a male, not sure yet as he is only 4 months old. A handful, yes, but such a sweetie anyway. ;D

~ Pets are not our whole life but they make our life whole. ~

Re: Welcome new users!
« Vastaus #10 : 27.03.05 - klo:19:40:52 »
Hello!My name is Liis.I lived in Estonia,but three month ago I moved to Finland  ;D I can`t speak very well finnis,but I understand most of text  ;) I dont`t have any parrots,but I would like to get a Cockatiel(neitokakadu  :D) and I live in Kinnula(if somebody know it  ;D)

Tämä on ihana forum  :)
neitokakadu ;*

Re: Welcome new users!
« Vastaus #11 : 02.11.12 - klo:18:00:41 »
my name is Kirsten, I live in Middlefinland near Jyväskylä.
We don't have any birds, but everyone in our family like birds a lot.

Re: Welcome new users!
« Vastaus #12 : 02.11.12 - klo:18:31:51 »
Welcome! :)
Neitokakadujen kasvatusta vuodesta 2005 ja undulaattien vuodesta 2014. :)