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Agapornis Personata
« : 14.03.04 - klo:18:52:34 »
Hello all

I am a South African living in Finland and this is my pride and joy 'Sydney'. she is 8 yrs old and her mate just died. If anyone knows where I can get her a husband, I would appreciate it.

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Re:Agapornis Personata
« Vastaus #1 : 14.03.04 - klo:23:38:32 »
Sydney is a very beautiful birdie. :) I hope she gets a new mate.

Re:Agapornis Personata
« Vastaus #2 : 17.03.04 - klo:16:42:19 »

Sorry to hear the sad news, unfortunately I dunno where you could buy another bird, BUT I am sure that you'll find one. There are plenty of people here who do know, unlike me. I am a novice here, but just wanted to say hi.

BTW, a beautiful parrot! :)
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Re:Agapornis Personata
« Vastaus #3 : 16.08.04 - klo:22:01:59 »
Try visiting pet stores. Agapornis isn't so rare so you should find it easily ;)
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